• Sofia Insurance Simulation

    Putting theory into practice.

  • Interview with Els De Keyser

    MBA-FSI Alumnus (Edition 2008-2010)

  • Interview with Tamara Pieterse

    MBA-FSI alumnus (Edition 2008-2010)

  • Interview with Guido Funke

    MBA-FSI participant talking about the Sofia Business Game

  • Interview with ArnĂ© van den Boom

    MBA-FSI Alumnus and Guest Speaker

  • Interview with Philipp Thomas

    MBA-FSI Alumnus (1999 - 2000)

  • Interview with Steven Carchon

    SOFIA Game Master

  • Interview with Philippe Sablot

    MBA-FSI participant

  • Interview with Robert Teasdale

    MBA-FSI participant

  • Interview with Johan Tack

    MBA-FSI Guest Speaker

  • Interview with Kurt Verweire

    MBA-FSI Programme Director

  • MBA-FSI in a nutshell

    MBA-FSI Modules combine theory and practice throughout the entire programme.

  • Why choose MBA-FSI?

    A number of reasons brought by MBA-FSI participants and alumni.

  • MBA-FSI opens the Toronto Stock Exchange

    On Friday June 17, the participants of MBA-FSI Edition 6 opened the Toronto Stock Exchange during their company visit over there. The visit was part of the course on 'Global Financial Systems and Financial Instruments'.

  • Starting MBA-FSI in Module 2 - A challenge but rewarding!

    Interview between two alumni who started their MBA-FSI journey in the second module and testify about this experience.

  • The MBA-FSI Experience

    Participants of the new MBA-FSI Cohort (2014-2016) share their first impressions and experiences within the programme.