MBA - FSI Alumni Network


MBA FSI students on excursion to Bruges

Over the past 15 years more than 200 alumni, coming from 20 different countries, obtained their executive MBA degree and form a strong, international alumni network of financial services professionals.

Taking an MBA programme is much more than obtaining a degree. Learning definitely does not stop after graduation! As an MBA-FSI alumnus, you have the opportunity to engage in a community of continuous learning and personal and professional development by joining the alumni organisation of each of the organising institutions, giving you the opportunity to connect with over 70,000 people worldwide!

As an MBA-FSI alumnus, you have access to our alumni website, which is the central hub of the alumni community. In addition to the contact details for all alumni, the website also offers a wide selection of articles, reports and other relevant publications regarding financial services and management. Plus, each year, an alumni conference is organised to update and refresh your knowledge of a variety of management topics and trends and developments in the financial services industry.

Below you can find an overview of some of our latest alumni events:


Alumni Event 2011 (Munich, 29-30 September 2010)

On Thursday 29 and Friday 30 September 2011, 32 MBA-FSI alumni participated in the yearly alumni event. The event dealt with two main topics: managing profitable growth and regulation challenges. The key-note speaker for the part on growth management was Chris Zook, an influential thought leader from Bain & Co. and author of 'Profit from the core', 'Beyond the core' and 'Unstoppable'. Furthermore, two business cases were highlighted, being (by Mr Stephane Vermeiren, Managing Director) and Interhyp (by Mr Benjamin Papo, Board Member). On the second day of the conference regulations challenges for both banks and insurers were presented by Prof Dr Freddy Van den Spiegel (Economic advisor BNP Paribas Fortis) and Prof Dr Hato Schmeiser (University of St. Gallen). In the afternoon, a visit was made to the Munich Re headquarters, where Dr Michael Menhart (Chief Economist) provided some insights into the global economic climate and its challenges for financial institutions. This visit was arranged by the Munich Re MBA-FSI alumni. To close the event, a visit to the famous 'Oktoberfest' in Munich took place.

Pictures of this alumni event and it's highlights can be viewed in the following slideshow.

Graduation Ceremony Edition 6 (Rome, 24 September 2010) 

On Friday 24 September 2010, the graduates of the 6th edition of the MBA-FSI celebrated their graduation ceremony in Rome. The graduation ceremony was organized at Terrazza Caffarelli, a nice terrace with a stunning view over the ‘Eternal City’, on top of the capitolium hill near famous Roman landmarks such as the Forum Romanum and the Coliseum.

Pictures of the ceremony and it's highlights can be viewed in the following slideshow.

Alumni Event - 10 years MBA-FSI (Paris, 21-23 October 2009)

From 21 to 23 October 2009, an alumni event was organised in Paris to celebrate the 1Oth anniversary of the MBA-FSI programme. In line with the financial crisis that struck in 2008, 'Management in a Turbulent Environment' was chosen as the central topic of this alumni conference. The keynote speech was delivered by Prof. Dr. Don Sull from London Business School, who brought an interactive workshop on 'Winning in Turbulence', his latest book that appeared at that time. Furthermore, presentations on dealing with turbulent environments were delivered by Mr Denis Kessler (CEO of SCOR), Mr Paul Charles Verhaeghe (Bain & Co.) and Mr Daniel Truchi (CEO SG Private Banking. Finally also a panel of senior executives, academics and regulators was organised on the topic of dealing with the financial crisis. The following people took place in this panel: Mr Pierre Mariani (CEO Dexia), Mr Dick Harryvan (CEO ING Direct), Prof Dr Eddy Wymeersch (Chairman CESR) and Mr Jean-Michel Dy (Commercial Director SG Private Banking).

Pictures of this alumni event and it's highlights can be viewed in the following slideshow.