Participant Profiles

Our participants are, on average, about 38 years old and have about 10 to 15 years of work experience in the financial services industry, including several years in a managerial role. Our participants occupy middle- to senior management positions in different financial services firms across the globe.

The MBA-FSI group typically consists of around 25 to 30 high potentials, over 90% of whom are working in the banking, insurance or investment industry. Participants working in other industries (health care, consulting, construction, etc.) typically perform a financial function in their companies or deal almost exclusively with financial services institutions in their jobs.

Today, a group typically includes about 10 different nationalities. In addition to participants coming from the regions of each of the organising institutions (Benelux, Switzerland-Germany and Canada), we also attract participants coming from France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Scandinavia (Denmark & Norway), Egypt and Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Chile). Our ambition is to compose groups with a broad geographical and professional representation to maximise the diversity and dynamism of the learning environment.